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A piece of asset for gamemaker. This allow you to add an customizable path to your game. The packet include:

-Easy to implemented code

-Finding the shortest path by default, then can be further customize with mouse 

-Tile-based Pathfinding for maximum efficiency

-Multiple setting for more complex customization

-Path and movement fully visualized with sprite

-And quality of life features such as: limiting the amount of cell the player could move, warning when the path is at its limit, dynamic path visual,...

How to use:

-Click the left mouse button for the first time to start drawing, the second time to confirmed your path and start moving

-Click the right mouse button to start editing, holding that button allows you make the path follow the cursor

-Use Backspace to delete the furthest cell

-Press 1-4 to change styles:

  1. Loopable: the default setting, allow you to loop around previously occupied cells
  2. Invisible: allow you to move through wall, but still stopping you from getting stucked
  3. Backtrackable: completely remove the ability to delete cells with the mouse, therefor allowing you to even draw on the cell behind you
  4. Unloopable: automatically shorten your path when it got on top of eachother

Disclaimer: you could always change between these 4 styles, midway. It has been tested for bugs multiple times but if you find any, please consider contacting me.

-Press Esc to reset

How to implement:

-Only the oPlayer and O_ini have code in them, you can freely transfer them to any other project, using the Add Existing option

-Please name the sprites as according to the codes

-You can customize the cell size in the Create Event of O_ini, other variables' are listed in the Create Event of oPlayer

How to download:

-Download the file, extract it

-Open Gamemaker and click on the Open icon below the Getting Started part

-Click on the gamemaker file



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

path.rar 34 kB

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